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A Complete Effort

March 22, 2013

I’ve expended my typewriter ribbon and am not allowed to order more until April, so I have to continue on my novel for now in handwriting only. I had ordered 2 ribbons before and this time am ordering 4. The typewriter works well for me when I have ribbons!

Okay, now onto the point of this bLog post…
In scripture the apostle Paul wrote basically (I’m paraphrasing): I could do anything but without love it would be nothing. I could speak eloquently and in the tongues of angels but would be saying nothing without love.

Samuel Johnson wrote: what is written without effort is usually read without pleasure. This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? What I’m getting at is this: pour your passion into your writing. Also your intellect, your love, your hate, pour yourself into the pages of your manuscript. It will take a lot of effort. Not just the writing part but EVERY part.

Admittedly, since I’ve been out of ribbons, I’ve done more thinking about my novel than I have writing my novel. BUT I’ve taken this time to research markets: agents, publishers, and possible placements for previously declined short stories and poetry.

Remember: writing is a complete effort.


Sean would like very much to correspond with others about writing and life in general. If you are interested, send a short note about yourself to Sean will answer you by regular mail if you include your address.


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