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Away From the Disarray

February 17, 2013

I hear her sobs from the next room —
Through the hysteria, she doesn’t notice me at the door —
She’s crying on the floor, her pretty face stained with tears.
And blood.
There’s blood on the floor.
And the sink.
And her arms.
A razor gleams scarlet near her leg.

“Is she okay?” a diminutive voice calls to me.
I slowly close the door.
I don’t know.
It’s too difficult to understand:
The blood …
The tears ….
The pain, the fear.

“Is Mommy okay?” my sister wonders in a whispered tone.
“I don’t know. I think so. Let’s go play a game outside.”
I take my sister by the hand, holding back the tears,
And lead her away from the disarray.
The pain, the fear.

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  1. damn. what a scene to stumble on as a kid…one for sure seered into your mind…..


  2. That line “Is Mommy okay?…” ::: it hits hard and stays. A haunting read, an important read. Thank you for sharing ~peace, Jason


  3. hypercryptical permalink

    I can’t imagine growing up with all this around me – I salute you.
    Anna :o]


  4. Wow, as always your words deliver a powerful emotion!


    • I’m glad to have finally found some people who appreciate my writing. It’s the best I can do to make my ugly pain into something sort of beautiful. I hurt sometimes, and I just want to die, but music and being able to write sometimes brings me slightly back from the edge.


      • I’m glad to be of assistance. Sometimes we experience things that brings us close to breaking. Writing and expressing yourself are really good alternatives to hurting yourself. I’m glad you’ve chosen this as your way of coping. I’m always happy to read your work or talk with you. Sometimes people get lost in the mix because I follow a lot of people but feel free to tweet me your links or contact me here on WordPress and I’ll read and comment for you 🙂


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