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The Dreaded Rejection Letter

February 2, 2013

rejectionRejected, declined, not suitable for magazine at this time, call it what you want. Your work got turned down, and after 2 weeks to 8 months of waiting, you get a letter telling you so…Damn it!

Recently I got “declined” by River Styx Magazine, but I like River Styx and plan to try them again, this time with some poem I wrote. You see, the dreaded Rejection letter is integral in the life of a writer.

So, when the dreaded Rejection letter arrives, weep, brush it off, whatever works for you, then keep writing. Just keep writing.

And when you get an acceptance, scream, shout, sing, dance, whatever works for you, then get back to writing.

Yes, it is a job; no, it’s not a chore.

My friend, keep writing.


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  1. Keep Writing and sure I am sure you will be screaming, shouting singing and dancing!!


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