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Appropos Annabelle

December 18, 2012

My Grandmother said that she liked the story Annabelle, even if it is “a bit depressing,” and two other people also told me they liked it. No, three people. I like it also. When I was first arrested, I was reading a newspaper in the dayroom and read an article about a 13-year-old, runaway girl who was found stabbed in an abandoned house. I had to go back to my cell, because I began to sob like a baby. It really pained my heart, because I’ve been a runaway many times, ran the streets, and slept in an abandoned house. This child was murdered by a seriously perverted and dissolute homeless man. On another note, I’ve been a homeless man too and interacted a lot with the homeless crowd, so it angered me that this bastard had only given people another reason to frown on the homeless. But this child — Did she have a clue what she wanted in life? Why had she run away? The woman in my story, Annabelle, conveys some of the emotions I had upon reading that newspaper article, and was also sort of a daydream of mine. But somehow I think something, some aspect of this character, is missing. If I get around to rewriting it, I will try to fill in that “missing piece” of Annabelle’s character. I hope you enjoyed this short story as it currently stands. I had submitted it to Michigan Quarterly Review and they declined it. I decided then to post it to this bLog, rather than submitting it elsewhere. Annabelle.. Annabelle… Annabelle.


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