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Prison Transfer

November 30, 2012

Left the SHU at 9 AM on the bus to Kern Valley State Prison, which is 45 minutes from Tehachapi SHU. It took 6 hours to get to KVSP, due to a serpentine route and laggard C.O. bus drivers while stopped at other prisons. Did not get into a cell until 2 AM .That means I spent 11 more hours in an often overcrowded holding cell. This is how it went:

The bus driver shackling me asked why I was in SHU. When I said “fighting,” he asked “What for?” I evaded the question with an incoherent mumble. Then he made a sexual insinuation at me: “You couldn’t figure out who was going to be on top?” Instead of showing my irritation and responding the way I might have when I was 21 with vulgarities of my own, I said enthusiastically with almost indiscernible sarcasm, “YEAH!” I stepped onto the bus and was on the way.

When I arrived, the C.O. wanted me to get rid of some of my books, but I was able to convince him to let me keep them, since 3 were dictionaries and 3 others had to do with writing. I had to give up a couple of magazines though.

On the walk to the cell, the C.O. gave us a melodramatic speech in attempt to establish his uncontested and absolute authority. He was largely ignored. When I got to the cell, I discovered my television was mysteriously broken. I wandered if it was the pervert bus driver? the intake C.O.? the one who gave the speech? Well, I am filing a “602” inmate/parolee appeal to be reimbursed in full. The process is laborious, but I have all the papers needed to back up my claims. It’ll take a bit of back and forth, there will be a bit of pussyfooting involved, but I should win and be reimbursed. I know because this the second time this has happened. Well, as long as I have music, typewriter, books, pens and paper, I will be fine for now! (I would like to see the Superbowl. I enjoy watching football. Tennis too.)

I’m on orientation now. In the next 1 to 3 weeks, I must go to committee, then I can go to yard and receive visits. We’re not even allowed to use phones at present, but somebody convinced them to allow us five newcomers, one call, since it’s Thanksgiving and all. I’m waiting for my turn on the phone now. It’s been a very long time since I’ve used a phone. I don’t know if anybody will answer or not or even if they are accepting collect calls.

Well, I’m here, the long-awaited transfer has taken place. It was nothing spectacular, and I’m still a bit morose; pensive maybe? Just waiting, a few more steps, we’ll see. I’ll get a typewriter. Will I write a good novel? I’ll try. I will get outside, run laps, and work out. Will I blow up like the Hulk? Nahh, I’m a sort of skinny dude with an athletic build. Well, I hope there’s no TROUBLE…


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