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Sean’s Art

November 20, 2012

This is a drawing I received from Sean in the mail yesterday. (The blood splatters are real, not painted.


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  1. I understand the desire to die. After brain surgery I looked at what I had to face and the recovery of my life and independence was overwhelming. I was mad that God had not taken me home on the operating table. The thing is this: My son still needed me and God was not finished with me yet. He had plans for my life and wanted me to complete some things. I am sorry your friend who wrote the letter is so hopeless. I hope he can climb out of the pit of despair.
    I like this quote:
    ” You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”


    • I liked your comment and the quote. I don’t know, maybe I’ve got a few things lift to do on this earth before leaving. When I was 17 I was life-flighted with severe brain trauma, and I’ve often wondered why I did not die THEN and wished I had. I guess because I’ve felt like I had done what I was needed for on earth. I took care of my sisters a lot when we were younger, and after being separated, it seemed I never did anything very significant, usually just messed up, and things/life just seems pointless sometimes. But for now I’m trying to just focus on writing. It gives me a little bit of meaning, I guess.


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