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The Hollow Oak and the Bird

November 6, 2012

By Sean Michael, February 2011

Like the hollow oak with one leaf surrounded by tall healthy trees,
One solo bird takes flight and lands on the branch of the oak.
They become one another’s companion,
the Hollow glad to offer it’s branch for the bird to rest.
The bird astray from its flock glad for a place to build his nest.
These two OUTCASTS, unlike the rest find peace in each other.
The wind howling through the tall healthy trees sounds like laughter.
The solo bird sings his song louder,
the hollow oak dangles his one leaf prouder.
The wind blows with force through the oak seeming to join the bird in his song.
As the laughter ebbs to the sound of this unique song,
The other trees branches seem to clap  with applause!
The bird sings to the creaking of the oaks branches and
the gusting wind through its hollow trunk.
He sings of his turmoil and the added peace of his solitude.
He sings whatever comes to mind, he sings to pass the time.
Now the entire woods are filled with music,
The clapping, the whistling, the howling, and the chirping.
These two OUTCASTS, the two solitary figures LEAD THE BAND!


From → Art, Poetry

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