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With Thoughts of Her

October 29, 2012

by Sean Michael, October, 2012

With thoughts of her, if death made its capricious appearance to snatchdreamgirl
my being from the sorrows of life, surely I would die in bliss.

So Death, did you not hear, omnipresent as you are, my invitation?
Whilst she dances, so beautifully in her white dress, through the confines
of my troubled mind, do hurry!
Do hurry whilst I tingle from the tenderness of her touch, and
revel in the joy of her kiss.
And the sweet aroma of her silky flesh, like the perfume of a goddess
and satin fit for a king –oh how I long to rest my head upon her
soft and lovely breasts– sings to my senses.

Do not postpone, for when I open my eyes this celestial reverie will
have fleeted from me!
And do you not know, conquerer of man, collector of souls meant
to be sent heavenward or hell bound, that I am losing the
will to resume this fiendish life?

Ah, but I see that you will make me wait…
I can only hope that when you finally arrive,
my mind will be preoccupied with thoughts of her,
for I could not hope for a more pleasant demise.

Posted at  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #128


From → Art, Poetry

  1. what depths of love eh?
    to live eternal in thoughts of her…
    i wasnt sure if she was still living or not…
    to rejoin her too would be nice..if so….


  2. poetrypea permalink

    What better way to make your final peace.


  3. Yeah, to make final peace, in peace…
    “Whilst she dances so beautifully through the confines of my troubled mind.


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