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On Writing

October 25, 2012

Good news is that the “hunger strike” is over! It was a sudden and unexpected, yet well-received message!

I am patiently waiting to hear about my stories. I have mainly been writing poems lately–a new one called “Message in a Bottle.” I’ve been writing in different styles lately, which is good. I’m learning and growing in my craft. And, though I often have similar themes, I never wanted to be the writer who’s work sounded so much the same it was like reading a revision of the last. Well, we will see. I am sort of fascinated with bridges, oceans, stars, and of course, death–at least the contemplation thereof. Some of these poems have been developing in my poetic heart/ subconscious mind, for quite some time, through thought and experiences/endeavors as they unfolded. As such, they are an exploration of my mind, describing my emotions, mostly the agonizing. Part of the pleasure of writing is feeling you have something to say and people appreciate hearing it. Of course, I know that not everything I write can be well received. I haven’t heard yet from the Poetry Foundation, but I am going to keep submitting to them until they accept one or more of my poems.

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