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Getting Published

October 10, 2012

I wrote a short story called “The Cursed Manuscript” in Jan. 2012 and sent it to my grandmother (I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge her help in typing my manuscripts and giving me feedback). She said it was a good story and well-crafted, and it made me sorta happy that I’d created something “good” and “well-crafted.” In March I sent the story to Aoife’s Kiss. Though they declined to publish it, they graciously offered feedback. The story is about a family of three moving from New York to Maine, into the house of a deceased author (I used R. Bachman, Stephen King’s pen-name as the deceased author). I told myself that getting declined was okay… Magazines often seek specific works for their publication… Maybe I was momentarily dubious. My grandmother told me that the feedback was a good sign; in her opinion, only a story with merit receives feedback. I put the story away for four months, in which time, I had a few poems declined from a magazine or two. I then made a few minor changes to “The Cursed Manuscript” and asked Grandma to submit it online to Sept. 30th, I received a letter, I opened the envelope and saw the response from Necrology which had been printed and mailed to me. I descried the first few words… “in regards to your submission, “The Cursed Manuscript”… I closed my eyes, then opened them and finished reading… “We will be accepting this submission.” I shouted, “Oh, sh**!”, walked in a circle, noticed my cell-mate looking at me and said, “I’m getting published!” He shook my hand, congratulated me, then I pulled the letter from the envelope and read the whole thing. Then read it again. It was a good feeling to know that in about 30 days my creation would be appearing on the website, that something I created was “worthy.” I wrote my first poem, called “My Mom,” when I was 10, then it seems I didn’t write anything that was very good since “Why, God, Why” when I was 15. I’m 26 now, in prison, and I’m writing again–I hope well–and it’s still saving my life.


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